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We were established to meet the training needs of pilots working in airlines, pilot candidates who are studying in the Civil Aviation departments of universities and Flight Schools.

Since 2011, we have been offering high quality products and solutions by producing and selling flight simulators for the use of “Virtual Pilots”, who adopted pilot training as well as aviation as a hobby.

Why Us?

What kind of simulator do you need? Can’t decide?

Listening Your Request

We produce solutions that will “speed up” the training process for airlines and flight schools. We offer the most realistic experience for the simulator to be used for entertainment purposes.


The parts used, all of the electronic cards and their middleware are made by us. For this reason, our simulators operate at the highest efficiency without any problems for many years.

Reliable Expert Support

Our technical support team is always ready 24/7 for any concerns or questions you have about your product!

International Certification

We are manufacturing our simulators in EASA and FAA standards, ready for certification.

Developable Infrastructure

We manufacture according to your needs. We prepare our simulators specifically for your request.

Optimum Cost

We strive to manifacture high quality and advanced technology simulators with the best benefit / cost ratio.

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