Portable Flight Simulator

By placing flight simulator you want in a caravan, we can make it easy to take it wherever you want and perform various activities.

Our Boeing 737 Flight Simulator, which we placed in caravan as you can see in pictures, has been prepared by keeping the actual cockpit measurements. Our simulator, with all panels active, appeals to all age groups from 5 to 70 years old.

About Flight Simulator

  • Airplane Model :             Boeing 737-800
  • Licence Eligibility:          Education and Entertainment                                          Purposes
  • Production Time:            120 Days
  • Display System:              3 LED TV

Cockpit & Flight Controls

  • FMC works independently in both sides
  • Top & Bottom EICAS, PFD, ND
  • MCIU with 2 Efis Controls
  • Glareshield
  • Yoke on both sides (Interlink & Force Feedback features not included.)
  • Rudder on both sides (Interlink not included.)
  • Tiller on Captain’s Side
  • Overhead Fwd & Aft Panels
  • Analogue Overhead Indicators
  • Full Motorized Throttle
  • Pedestal, Fire panel, TCAS, Weather Radar
  • Backlight in all panels
  • Flood Illumination System in Cockpit
  • 737 Replica Seats of Captain & First Officer

Display System

  • 3 HD Curved Led TV
  • Automatic Edge Blending and Warping operations on screen


  • Terrain DB of Globe
  • Updated Route & Navaids according to selected airports
  • SID/STAR Updated Informations

Instructor Station

  • 24″ inch IOS Touchscreen
  • Controllable Fire & Fault Screens
  • Fuel, Weight, ZFW & CG Settings
  • Weather & View Settings with one button
  • Horizontal & Vertical Approach Angles
  • Full Control of All Systems
  • Position & Situation Settings
  • All your flights can be recorded


  • The caravan requires 6 meters wide, 4 meters deep and 4 meters high.
  • In the caravan, heating and cooling equipment can be added as an extra.
  • It can be produced in different sizes if desired.
  • Only a 220 volt outlet is required to operate the caravan.
  • The caravan inspection must be renewed every year.