F16 Touch Trainer

F16 Touch Trainer Flight Simulator

Our simulator is an exact replica of the F16 block 52 model, can be controlled by touch screens. All buttons on Touch Screen are easily controllable and provide a realistic flight experience with readable indicators.

Our Hotas Replica reacts with the pressure sensor as in real F16. All skeletons are made of sigma profiles. All flight indicators, warnings and buttons work on touch screens. Weapon systems and pods have been adapted to the system.

The flight simulator is controlled by only one computer. Since the computer is placed in the F16 case, it is very easy to move. The whole system can be turned on and off with just one button.

By connecting other simulators to our simulator over the internet or from common network, scenarios like Arm Flight, Airlift or Dogfight can be studied.

About Flight Simulator

  • Airplane Model :             F16 Block 52
  • Licence Eligibility :  
  • Production Time :            30 Days
  • Display System :              3 LED Monitor & 60 Degrees                                           Curved Screen

Cockpit & Flight Controls

  • ACES Launch Seat Replica
  • F16 HOTAS Replica Pressure Sensor.
  • F16 Throttle Replica
  • Fully functional MFD and RWR Screens (VGA)
  • Fully functional DED and PFL Display (VGA)
  • Fully functional Head Up with original glass
  • AirSpeed, Altimeter, HSI, AOA, VVI indicators work as analog.
  • Speed Brake, FuelFlow, Hydraulic Pressure, EPU Fuel Indicators work as analogue.
  • Fuel Quantity, FTIT, Nozzle Position, RPM Indicators work as analogue.
  • 2+1 Sound System

Display System

  • 3 HD LCD TV & 60 Degrees FOV
  • Automatic Edge Blending and Warping operations on screen


  • Terrain DB of Globe
  • 5 Airports update on request
  • Updated Route & Navaids according to selected airports

Instructor Station

  • 24″ inch IOS Touchscreen
  • Controllable Fire & Fault Screens
  • Fuel, Weight, ZFW & CG Settings
  • Weather & View Settings with one button
  • Horizontal & Vertical Approach Angles
  • Full Control of All Systems
  • Position & Situation Settings
  • All your flights can be recorded


  • You need a room with 2,5 metres width, 2,5 metres depth and 2,5 metres heights.
  • Installation takes 7 work days.
  • It can be portable on your request.