Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

Our Boeing 737 simulator is prepared by keeping the actual aircraft’s measurements. Shell and inliners are shaped with 5 axis cnc in our facility and produced from materials, fiberglass and aluminum. All panels and electronic cards are designed by us. Our Overhead Panel is fully functional. The fuse panel can be activated like in the real ones, if desired.

Captain and First Officer Yoke have Forcefeedback. Captan’s and First Officer’s Rudder Pedals work as interlink. There is only Tiller on the Captain’s side and it works exactly like real one in cockpit. Throttle is fully motorized. All malfunctions and errors can be simulated. The aircraft dynamic model is created by us.

Our Boeing 737 flight simulator has been developed and produced within the scope of Tubitak R&D support.

About Flight Simulator

  • Airplane Model:               Boeing 737-800
  • Licence Eligibility :          FNPT II MCC
  • Production Time :            90 Days
  • Display System :              3 Projector & 180 Degrees Curved                                           Screen

Cockpit & Flight Controls

  • FMC works independently in both sides
  • Top & Bottom EICAS, PFD, ND
  • MCIU with 2 Efis Controls
  • Glareshield
  • Yoke on both sides (Interlink & Force feedback features)
  • Interlink Rudder on both sides
  • Tiller on Captain’s Side (Can be placed on both sides)
  • Overhead Fwd & Aft Panels
  • Analogue Overhead Indicators
  • Full Motorized Throttle
  • Pedestal, Fire panel, TCAS, Weather Radar
  • Backlight in all panels
  • Flood Illumination System in Cockpit
  • 737 Replica Seats of Captain & First Officer

Display System

  • 3 HD Projectors & 180 Degrees Curved Screen
  • Live View with 15.000 Ansi Lumen
  • 160×40 Degrees FOV (Field of View)
  • Network Control Feature for all projectors
  • Automatic Edge Blending and Warping operations on screen


  • Terrain DB of Globe
  • 5 Airports update on request
  • Updated Route & Navaids according to selected airports
  • SID/STAR Updated Informations

Instructor Station

  • 24″ inch IOS Touchscreen
  • Controllable Fire & Fault Screens
  • Fuel, Weight, ZFW & CG Settings
  • Weather & View Settings with one button
  • Horizontal & Vertical Approach Angles
  • Easy Control with Automatic QTS Test
  • Full Control of All Systems
  • Position & Situation Settings
  • All your flights can be recorded


  • You need a room with 3 meters depth, 3 meter height and 5 meter width.
  • Installation takes 10 work days.
  • It can be portable on your request.