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What kind of services we have.

Our special offers…

For Virtual Pilots

If you’re a virtual pilot or

if you want to become one…

  • License of FWS VPL

    License of Virtual Pilot (VPL)

    After you finished your lessons successfully that we gave you and if you complete one landind and one take-off successfully. We will be happy to announce that you are virtual pilot, congratulations!

  • Adventages of FWS

    Be ready for suprises

    Discounts, free flights, suprises that you won’t expect.

    So you would enjoy all of it…



    If you are looking for some different experiences to try out with your co-workers, friends or your family. You are looking right place now. We can organise races and we can provide trophies who become first between you. One of every three people has ability to fly a plane, the other can be teached. Who know, maybe you were born as a pilot.

For pilots

If you are a pilot or

if you want to become one…


    One hour renting

    Pilots or students who want to become a pilot can rent our simulators for type-rating or assessment exams .


    We prepare for your assessment exams

    Before your exams , you can use our boeing ,airbus or cessna simulators for getting more experience.


    We introduce you cockpit.We are helping you to know type of cockpits

    If you think to become a pilot and you never sit in a cockpit in your life or if you are a student who wants to choose as a profession., we have flight tests and psychomotor tests that can help you.


For companies

if you are looking for seminar or

corporate activity…


    Fasten your seat belts

    We are giving with our training partner E&R consultancy .The aim of these seminars is to developt leadership and professional skills to use knowledge and experiences effectively and positively. In the end of seminars the participants ;

    • experience to manage leadership skills in every situation
    • Understand the importance of using managerial capabilities
    • discover their emotional memory in crisis situation and using it for creativity solutions

    We are getting you close each other

    If you are planing to organise motivation days for your co-workers or if you are searching different activityon special days of company. You can try our traveller simulator boeing 737 . “ flying car “can go to anywhere, any activity that you want to organise.


    Fasten your seat belts seminar with E&R Consultancy.

    With Simulation

    In every circumstances learn to control your emotions and experience managing skills.

    Like Pilots

    While trying to find out your managing skills , getting know importance of use check lists

    With Simulator

    Discover your emotions in every crisis situations and experience it to use your creativity for solving problems.


    We are always open to innovations , according to your expectations and your ideas…


    We are providing real conditions in your flight thanks to our educator pilot’s feedback.


    A lot of simulation experiences in one simulator.


    Long flights without problems in our simulators