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It has founded for satisfying to demands of new graduated students from faculty of aviation and aeronautical science and students of flight schools. Since 2011 we produce and sell products of civil aviation (such as flight simulators) and organise flight lessons. We are providing solutions with international standarts in our offices in UK, Italy and Turkey.


Latest Technology

We are using latest technology, latest software and electronic equipments for producing our products.

Flexible Use

All of our products are always ready to be upgraded and they are produced/designed by us so that we always have them in our stocks and can be delivered in short time

Innovative Design

According to your request we can manage production and we can add specific  features in our products


Do you need simulator?

You can’t decide what kind of simulator you need?


  • We listen your request…

    We can determine what kind of simulator you need by having a meeting together.

  • We produce together…

    According to your request and licence you want , we prepare in our production facility

  • Fly together…

    We deliver the simulator , produced by your request , with our support service possibilities and warranty


Technical Support For Simulators…

We are providing technical support service for your simulators to keep them always flying.

Care and support


Experience with our simulators takes you another world…


Race with your friends

While you’re trying to land on hardest airports of the world, race your friends. Find out who’s the best pilot.Get an experience of lifetime with your friends.


Have fun with your family

Are you trying to find educational activity with your family, why don’t you use one plane together? On birthdays or father’s day get top of clouds with your family…Devami…

Overcome your fear of flying

You can overcome your fear of flight and you can go to another country easily….Devami…